Oct 20

This website is no longer maintained as it has achieved its campaign objectives.

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May 25

Parking our Parking Issues: Residents demand action: Councillors Surgery 17th May

A number of residents demanded action from Councillor Kercher at a surgery on Saturday, the 17th of May, 10.00 – 12.00, Letchworth Town Centre, in front of Iceland.

Councillor Kercher is responsible for providing the funding out of her Locality Budget for the double yellow lines at Rowan Crescent – Bedford Road.

A number of residents visited the surgery, this is my own account. If others can send me their accounts I can post them too.

It was a friendly, frank and honest conversation in which she explained the difficulties she was facing with progressing the funding at the moment.

Below are some of the salient points.

I asked her why the funding had not been allocated.? She was surprised that the funding was being sought from her locality budget because she had not agreed to it. The first she knew about it was when it appeared on the council meeting minutes.

How big was the Locality budget? It’s 100k, however when I took over the budget 60k of had already been allocated by my predecessor. I allocated around 30k to other projects and that left very little available funding. It was only after the previous allocations were made that I found out the Rowan Crescent Junction Protection was made a priority.

So what action are you now taking? As the yellow lines are now a safety issue I have made an inquiry to see if the funding can come from another NHDC budget.

frustratedThe residents are getting really angry because everyone says this is a priority and it has now become a political fight to allocate the funds, all we want is a date for then the work will be carried out, will it be six weeks, six months or six years? We are right in the middle of elections right now and we need to see how things are after that?

Our group is not affiliated to any political group we want to work with people who can help us, who do we need to talk to directly? When I am elected I work for all the residents even if they did not vote for me.It is still unclear how we can progress this at the moment, its also all tied up with the Letchworth Parking review

To separate this issue from the overall parking debate we run a resident survey on the single question of yellow lines; as this is of real concern in order to prevent accidents. We had a 100% response rate and the result was unanimously in favour of yellow lines, in addition every house holder signed and dated their approval, this is a clear mandate from residents and the council would unlikely find any opposition. We need something done now! We are looking at how we can make the council liable for any action arising out of their negligence should an accident happen. I have not seen the survey, can you send me the details please, that would add weight to our arguments

I agreed to send the survey results through again.

My impression from the conversation which lasted around 20min, was that Lorna was sympathetic but felt trapped with the political battle over which budget it should come from. Certainly a number of Councillors are positioning themselves as being on our side and looking after our interests while at the same time not doing much to get the issue resolved on our behalf.

We need to be more forceful, these are our elected Councillors who are there to take on the difficult issues and resolve them not park our parking issues.




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May 14

Next Residents Parking Meeting Sunday, 8th of June 18.00 – 19.30

Dear All,

We’ve scheduled the next parking meeting for:
Sunday, 8th of June
18.00 – 19.30
Rhonda and Stephen’s, no. 11

Tentative agenda:

• Junction Protection Rowan Crescent – Bedford Road and Funding
• Data Collection Results
• Letchworth Committee Meeting in June
• Residents’ Meeting with NHDC in July

Please let Rhonda and Stephen know by the 6th of June if you will be able to attend and if you have any other agenda items relating to parking. I’ll put an invitation through the letterboxes of those residents for whom I don’t have an email address.

Also, Councillor Kercher has confirmed she will be having a surgery on Saturday, the 17th of May, 10.00 – 12.00, Letchworth Town Centre, in front of Iceland. She is responsible for providing the funding out of her Locality Budget for the double yellow lines at Rowan Crescent – Bedford Road. She is also up for re-election this month.

Please continue to check the website for updates and please leave comments.

All the best,

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Apr 30

Rowan Crescent – Bedford Road Survey Results Unanimous

Rowan Crescent – Bedford Road Survey Results

Fantastic news! There was a 100% response rate!

Survey Question: Do you support junction protection / double yellow lines at the Rowan Crescent – Bedford Road junction?

All 28 households with a total of 50 signatures responded with a resounding, ‘YES, we want double yellow lines!’
Rhonda will be writing to the Council and Councillors Grindal (gary.grindal@north-herts.gov.uk), Sangha (Deepak.sangha@north-herts.gov.uk), and Kercher (lorna.kercher@hertfordshire.gov.uk) about the questionnaire and its mandate and encourages every resident to do the same.

We need to keep up the momentum and make sure the funding is secured and junction protection is implemented at the earliest possible date.

Thank you to everyone who responded and to Helen and Dave for survey distribution and results collection.






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Apr 29

Give me DATA! Meeting on how we’ll collect data to understand the parking issues.

Data Collection Meeting
Amy’s house
19.00 hours
Thursday, 1st of May

This meeting has been called as we have no data regarding parking on our street, only anecdotal stories and hearsay. While these may be true, we can’t quantify it or make a case or even understand the true nature of the problem. So, residents are encouraged to attend and give feedback on how best to collect data on parking.  This is not to identify bad behaviour or individuals, but to understand the trends and the scale of the issue.

Please email Amy (amydavie52@hotmail.com) if you would like to attend.



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Apr 17

Invitation to residents; meet with NHDC

URGENT RESPONSE REQD: A letter was sent to all residents yesterday asking if you wish to attend a meeting with NHDC Parking Planners.

L. Symes NHDC Strategic Planning and Projects Manager has kindly offered to meet with us to answer any questions we may have, as well as to understand what the Council might want to include in any pre-consultation. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to give direct feedback, get clarity, and, hopefully, influence this consultation process.  See the full Letter Here.

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Apr 15

Access Issues Follow Up with Veolia Waste Management

·         Following up with the NHDC Waste Management Department and Veolia regarding missed bins and access issue records. – Rhonda has written to them again on 14th April as they did not respond to message left on the 4th of April. O. Hammond from Veolia phoned and said that if bins were missed the reason would be logged in the notes.  He is going to do some investigating to see what info he can get for us and will be emailing.

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Apr 14

Contacting NHDC Strategic Planning and Projects Manager L Symes Ref: Funding

Wrote to L. Symes, the Strategic Planning and Projects Manager, NHDC, asking her to explain the funding for junction protection scheme.  She gave a detailed explanation of how budgets are allocated for parking restrictions and junction protection schemes, and an extract from this is:

o   Any junction protection scheme carried out by HCC are funded either from their own budgets or from the County Councillor Herts Locality budgets. [not the NHDC]

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Apr 14

Contacting Councillor Kercher Ref: Funding

Wrote to Councillor Kercher, on the 14th of April, asking if she will be able to fund junction protection out of her locality budget at the County Council and as of yet no reply.

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Apr 14

Parking Options Update

·         We had intended to distribute a questionnaire regarding restricted parking schemes similar to first one distributed (minus junction protection at RC / BR) back in February – This is now been postponed until after residents’ meeting with NHDC in July 2014, as we want to make sure as many options as possible are offered to us. Input on this would be appreciated.

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Apr 14

Meeting with NHDC Arranged to define the Pre-Consultation Process

·         After writing to the NHDC asking exactly what comprises a ‘pre-consultation’ as mentioned in the Letchworth Parking Review to begin in autumn/winter 2014 – They have offered to have a meeting with us. Rhonda will be distributing a letter to residents in the coming days with the NHDC’s detailed response. Great Result-

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Apr 14

Action Complete: Survey for Double Yellow Lines sent out

·         Completed: Distributing a single-issue questionnaire regarding junction protection / double yellow lines at Rowan Crescent and Bedford Road to be returned to Helen and Dave no later than 22nd of April 2014  – Helen and Dave have distributed it and are awaiting results.

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Apr 13

Double Yellow Lines: Junction Protection Survey

What do you think?Important: New Residents Survey Issued.

This evening a new survey has been posted to residents of Rowan Crescent and a selection of Bedford Road residents asking for their opinion with regard to painting yellow lines on the Junction of Bedford Road and Rowan Crescent.


Dear Residents,

On 12th of March, the results of a combined survey asking residents their position on residential parking on Rowan Crescent and their views on having junction protection (double yellow lines) at Rowan Crescent and Bedford Road were presented to the Letchworth Committee. After discussions, the councillors voted to extend the junction protection scheme along Bedford Road to include Rowan Crescent. However, this is contingent on funding.    

As the first questionnaire combined residential parking schemes and junction protection, it is now necessary to conduct another survey to get absolute clarity on the residents’ views on the single issue of junction protection at Rowan Crescent and Bedford Road.

We will share the results with the NHDC and the Letchworth Committee. The overall vote count will, of course, be shared with the residents.

Time is of the essence to allow this to fit into the schedule of meetings of the Letchworth Committee. Please fill-out the enclosed questionnaire, even if you have no opinion, as we need a high response rate….. For more click here

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Apr 10

Setting up new campaign website

·         Setting up www.rowancrescent.com devoted to parking issues for the time being. – Stephen has set up the site and is populating it.

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Apr 09

Contacting Councillors Grindal and Sangha Ref: Funding

Wrote to Councillors Grindal and Sangha, on the 9th of April, sharing with them the concerns, namely funding for junction protection, that were discussed at the 6th of April meeting and as of yet no replies.

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